2024 Road Map Overview

Meteorn Run Official
4 min readFeb 1, 2024

Hello, Meteorn Fams !

Today, we’re pleased to announce ”The 2024 MeteornRun Road map” overview. The year 2023 was a big first phase for us. Also, the time we spent together was very meaningful.We have successfully completed our first step, and met new Meteorn friends from all over the world.

Now, we are pleased to announce our roadmap for 2024.

Before I begin,I would like to thank all the players who have made it possible for us to be here in 2024. We highly appreciate your support for this project.

However, please understand that some of our plans we share with you today and our timeline is subject to change.But this roadmap shows you the exciting features that are underway for delivery by the end of the year, so stay tuned for more METEORN RUN .

The roadmap outlines objectives and plans for in-game and out-of-game features. Are you ready for the New Road Map !? Let’s look at them!


In January, we enhanced the swap feature and implemented a staking period feature to make Meteon Run the most exciting and fun game in the world and to help you earn income through the game. About this swap function, we have established our own website that allows direct exchange of MTOs and GMTOs. This makes it easy to obtain GMTO when needed. For the staking system, the users can earn GMTO rewards for holding MTO in the game. This feature is recommended for those who want to enjoy the game more efficiently and aim for better income through the Meteon Run.

As a feature that will be officially implemented in February, an essential part of the game is the GMTO and shoes. Shoes eventually lose their durability after playing Meteon Run multiple times, and they must be fixed. The shoes can be repaired by using GMTO, which is an in-game coin.

We are very grateful to the many users who are already playing Meteon Run in the browser version!

In order to make Meteon Run easier and more accessible to more users, we are planning to release an APP version of the game around March. We can honestly say that we are very excited to see more and more users from all over the world playing Meteon Run!


We want to make our games more entertaining for our users and take advantage of the rapidly expanding demand for web3 and cryptocurrency in Nigeria and India by entering the market in our second quarter of this year. Also, one of the most exciting

Another new feature within the game is a world ranking system. Users from all over the world will be able to engage in exciting battles through the Meteon Run, and the top ranking users will be rewarded with luxurious prizes.

Furthermore, a betting match mode will be implemented in the second quarter. In this game mode,each player pays an entry fee to join the match. Then, only one winner will be paid 70% of the winning amount of coins. The maximum number of players is four players with one winner rule. Let’s get into lit and furious online battles and win a big prize!


The third quarter of this year, the scholarship function allows investors to hold and lend NFTs and share in the profits with other users.

Moreover,we seek to establish a new branch in Asia. Also, we’ll start promoting in Vietnam in August. Along with these plans, we are planning to hold a large conference, which we hope you will attend. For more details, we will keep you updated with new information through Telegram, X, our official website, etc.

【 X ・Twitter 】 https://twitter.com/meteorn_run

【 Telegram 】 https://t.me/meteornrunofficial

【 Web site 】 https://meteornrun.io/

Additionally, we will be developing a new metaverse section starting in September.


The final chapter in 2024 will be the release of the Metaverse space to the Meteorn Run community of users, which will begin development in the third phase.Therefore, there will be global connectivity with other Meteon families.

Another big news this time is the release of a new game. Following the popular “METEORN RUN,” a new game in development will finally be unveiled to everyone.

The title and other details are still undisclosed, but will be announced on our social media. There will be a conference on this as well, where we will announce the new currency. We hope you like playing the game as much as we do, and we plan to start promoting it as soon as we can.