Let’s climb aboard the Staking cockpit and take a trip on a Meteorn Run!

Meteorn Run Official
2 min readNov 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of a staking system in the Meteorn Run game.

Staking in Meteorn Run allows players to earn GMTO every day by depositing MTO into the game staking system. Let’s open the link below in your Metamask browser and enjoy Meteorn Run.

Equipping NFT shoes earn game coins.

10,000 game coins is equivalent to 1 MTO.
Once 1MTO is staked, 50 GMTO will be generated daily on a pro-rated basis for every 1MTO per year. Game coins earned after equipping NFT shoes are automatically pooled into the staking system.

In addition, MTO deposited into the game is automatically converted to game coins and automatically sent to the staking system. You can be converted from game coins to MTO at any time.

Those who have deposited MTO will automatically be converted to in-game coins, so staking can be done as long as they remain in that state. However, now if you change those in-game coins to MTO, they will no longer be staked.

*Coins earned before the release of the web version of the game will be cleared around the time of release.

We will continue to make various specification changes, updates, and environmental improvements to make it easier for Meteorn run users to use and enjoy.