Meteorn Run release NFT’s with special price on a market place.

Meteorn Run Official
4 min readJul 17, 2023

Meteorn Run’s NFT MARKET PLACE has been released since July 16th, 2023.

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To make it easy and clear to use, we have successfully built our own marketplace.
In the Meteorn Run, users have the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade NFTs through USDT or $MTO.

In the Meteorn Run marketplace, users can buy and sell NFT sneakers. This means that users can sell their unwanted NFT sneakers to make a profit, or purchase better NFT sneakers.

The Meteorn Run marketplace is a very important element for users. If the marketplace is active, users can make more profit and the game’s appeal will also increase. The future growth of the marketplace is expected.

The potential of the Meteorn Run marketplace is as follows:

1.Users can make a profit by buying and selling NFT shoes.

The Meteorn Run marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFT sneakers. Thus, users can sell their unwanted NFT shoes for a profit or buy better NFT shoes.

2.If the marketplace is active, the game’s appeal will increase.

As the marketplace becomes more active, users will be able to purchase or rent more NFT shoes.

3.Get a powerful NFT and build greater assets!

Players will be able to purchasing NFTs which have six levels, and each of them has its own market price.
NFT shoes have a variety of attributes, such as type, quality, and level, which affect the amount of cryptocurrency that can be earned.








・How does the level of NFT you have affect your game earning?

As you can see from the NFTs for each level above, the rewards you get will vary depending on your level. In addition, the NFT you acquire has its own status and can be enhanced! The more you raise the value of your NFT, the more likely it is to sell on the market for a higher price.


$GMTO will help you increase the value of your NFT!

The GMTO coin has ground-breaking potential.


In order to sell your NFT shoes on the marketplace, your NFTS should be valuable. Thus, you can use your $GMTO to get your NFT’s status up!


If you have more than two shoes, you can combine with them.
By doing so, in most of cases you get normal shoes .

But rarely you can get rare shoes which is also great possibility to have high-value NFT to either you use to make more money in the game or sell on the marketplace.

More information about $GMTO can be found here.
If you want to earn income more efficiently while playing games,
please take a look at this page.

・What is NFT Marketplace?

If you have an interested in crypto, art, game, or music, you should havechance to hear about NFT.

A non-fungible token (NFT), is an unique token placed on a blockchain that represents ownership of a tangible or digital asset. A place where you can purchase and sell NFTs is an NFT marketplace. There are numerous NFT markets, each with a different specialization and reputation. Researching which platform to utilize is a smart idea before you start purchasing NFTs or selling your creations.


Meteorn Run is the P2E (play to earn) gaming platform based on the Polygon Network of blockchain. Meteorn Run features NFTs. Collectibles, which makes the platform more reliable with great potential. Playing Meteorn Run will enable the users to earn a lot of money to build huge assets using the NFT collectibles and trade them to grow in a potential environment.

Early bird specials are available !

After releasing Meteorn Run NFTS on our marketplace, then until we launch the game
which users need to have their own NFTS to participate the game and build their assets, we offer every single person to get your NFTS on ”10%” discount at the time!

For the first of all, the free version of Meteorn Run will be available on July.
Afterwards, the main Meteorn Run will be available in few months.
All prices for each level of shoes are on USDT basis.

Users are able to purchase NFTS lower price, but the amount of coins you earn
won’t change !Please make sure to practice well with the free version before the NFT game starts to earn more rewards in the real game!

We are sincerely looking forward to your participation!