Meteorn Run Web ver. Game is Launched.

Meteorn Run Official
2 min readDec 12, 2023

We are excited to officially announce the web release of the Meteorn Run game!!

If you have NFT shoes, you can equip your character to earn MTO.

*The application will be made available by Q1 of next year. We have five updates to share with you.


(1) Coins earned in the game are automatically reflected in MTO.

(2) The maximum amount of NFT shoes can be earned in one day (short time), and the gauge it has will be restored at 15:00 (+UTC).

(3)In-game coins have been removed to make the game simpler, and the in-game coins are now credited as 10000 in-game coins = 1 $MTO.

(4) MTO placed in the game is automatically staked in the game on a pro-rata basis of 1 MTO = 50 GMTO per year.

(5) To apply for withdrawal, select the number of pieces in “ MTO Withdrawal” and press the button for withdrawal. In this case, you will see the quantity of MTO in the game will be reduced. Withdrawn MTO are reflected in the wallet connected to the game.

If you have not imported $MTO into your wallet, please import this address in advance.

MTO contract address.

We will continue to make the game smoother and more enjoyable as we continue to fix bugs and other issues that may arise as a result of the update.

Enjoy your trip to Meteon Run!!