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3 min readMar 4, 2024


At the end of February, Zan has completed a security audit for METEORN RUN. They reported no critical issues have been found so far.

Leveraging the advanced smart contract security auditing services provided by ZAN, users’ digital assets gained from Meteorn Run are protected against potential threats. We are pleased to place our users’ security a top priority!

ZAN:powered by AntChain Open Labs, is a leading Web3 infrastructure service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for Web3, such as Smart Contract Review, KYT, KYC, Node Service, and more.

Thanks to the ZAN team’s security enhancements, staking and swapping functions have been successfully implemented in the new Meteon Run!


Crypto staking allows people that own certain types of cryptocurrencies to earn rewards for helping to validate transactions added to a blockchain network. Staking allows individuals to earn rewards on the cryptocurrency they hold without having to sell their assets.

Staking in Meteorn Run allows players to earn GMTO, the in-game currency, every day by depositing MTO into the game staking system. Equipping NFT shoes earn game coins, and 10000 game coins = 1 MTO equivalent. Once 1MTO is staked, 50 GMTO will be generated daily on a pro-rated basis for every 1MTO per year.

Game coins earned after equipping NFT shoes are automatically pooled into the staking system, leading to daily GMTO earnings. In addition, MTO deposited into the game is automatically converted to game coins and automatically sent to the staking system. You can be converted from game coins to MTO at any time.

For game users, repairing NFT shoes and increasing their daily in-game holdings is one of the most important aspects of anticipating profits. The MTO Staking System will help users to acquire more powerful NFT shoes and increase the amount of coins they can earn in-game.

As a result, if you have MTO in game, will be automatically staked and earn GMTO. APY is constantly fluctuating based on the MTO and GMTO rates. For those who want GMTO, you can get swapping MTO.


The ecosystem of Meteorn Run is significantly broader and more robust as it is based on the most powerful network that is Polygon blockchain. Meteorn Run has a MTO token, which makes the ecosystem of Meteorn Run wider.

The governance token MTO also facilitates the users with game financing, scholarships, and other Ethereum-based products.

All these points and elements of the Meteorn Run ecosystem with refined and limited tokenomics help to ensure the potential and growth for the gamers and users.

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