Report on “Crypto Weekly AMA ”with Mario Nawfal

Meteorn Run Official
5 min readFeb 5, 2024

January 31 Meteon Run held a collaborative streaming AMA at CRYPTO WEEKLY hosted by Mario, founder and CEO of International Blockchain Consulting.

This report summarizes the questions and answers that were asked and answered at that time.

During the first 45 minutes, Mario and several experts discussed the excitement of the GameFi market and its factors.

In the middle of this session, There was a question

“why The Meteorn Run chose to operate the project on PolygonChain”

An advisor of Meteorn Run, Mariya answered :

“We originally started on Ethereum, but Polygon’s high security and lower transaction costs compared to Ethereum made us choose Polygon to maximize the return to our users.

There was an agreement among speakers that GameFi would be a movement that would grow even faster involving a variety of outside industries in 2024.

After that Q & A session about the Meteorn Run was held in the second half of the 20 minute. We answered specific questions about its attractiveness as a GamiFi, how to operate it efficiently, and how to accomplish future features and goals that will be added.

Question 1

How does Meteorn Run plan to distinguish itself in the highly competitive Play-to-Earn gaming market?

A. Meteon Run is planned and designed with two key elements in mind: simplicity, which can be played by anyone, young or old, male or female, and exciting and exhilarating gameplay.
We believe that a play-to-earn game should have a very important balance between these two elements: the ecosystem and the gameplay.

In the past, many play-to-earn games had a high hurdle for non-crypto users to get started, limiting the rate of user growth. Even crypto-savvy users tended to suffer from the complexity of the games. In some projects, the token price collapse caused users to leave and the ecosystem to collapse.We have devised and are about to implement a number of mechanisms to solve this problem.

We believe that the most important thing is to increase the number of users and to build a platform that men and women, young and old, can understand and enjoy playing-to-earn. We are constantly striving to maintain a balance between the two while designing and marketing exciting games.

Question 2

Could you elaborate on the unique features of Meteorn Run’s NFT collectibles and how they contribute to the platform’s reliability?

A. All NFTs in Meteon Run are designed for shoes. These NFTs can be purchased in the Meteon Run marketplace, and any NFTs you own will be reflected in the game. The NFTs reflected in the game can be monetized by equipping them to your character. All purchased and held NFTs are managed on the blockchain and are decentralized, which helps to ensure trustworthiness.

Question 3

In what ways does Meteorn Run aim to provide revenue-generating opportunities for gamers within its ecosystem?

A. Currently there are two: the first is game earnings from the use of NFTs. You can earn MTO by equipping your character with the NFTs you own.

The second is staking, where you can earn GMTO by staking MTO. The GMTO earned can be used as revenue as it is, and it also has the role of assisting in improving the efficiency of the game.
In the future, it will be possible to distribute NFTs held by the company for secondary distribution, and a scholarship system will be introduced to allow players to rent out their NFTs.

We are also planning to release a ranking system and a betting match mode, where we will offer prizes. We are planning to develop a variety of revenue opportunities, so please stay tuned.

Question 4

Could you explain the core game loop in Meteorn Run, particularly the Single Mode and Bet Match Mode, and how they contribute to the overall gaming experience?

The single mode has already been released for everyone to experience. As the name implies, it is a feature to play Meteon Run in single player mode. Bet Match mode is a game that allows four players to play online against each other. Users with higher play scores can win cash prizes.

Single mode is for practicing the game and can be mastered at any individual’s leisure. Bet Match mode is for competitive play and offers a more exciting time. We recommend the format of practicing in single mode and challenging the player to a match in bet-match mode.

Question 5

What role does the $MTO token play in Meteorn Run, and how is it utilized in buying/selling NFT items, staking, governance participation, and earning within the game?

A.The MTO token serves as the governor’s token for Meteon Run. It can also be used as the currency to purchase NFT shoes in the game. The currency earned in the game is also MTO. This means that new NFT shoes can also be purchased with MTO earned in the game.MTO also serves as a staking currency.

By staking MTO in the game, you will be rewarded with GMTO at the rate of 50 GMTO per MTO per year.

Question 6

How does Meteorn Run plan to explore opportunities in metaverse development, and what role does it play in the platform’s future?

A.The goal of Metaverse development is to activate the community. Since the Meteon Run game will be deployed worldwide, users residing in various countries will be created. We believe that this will be a large Metaverse platform where users from various countries can interact on the Metaverse through the Meteon Run platform and discuss game strategies.

We are planning to collaborate with companies and place advertisements in the game. We would like to place advertisements on the Metaverse and contribute to expanding awareness of our partner companies.

Question 7

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, how does Meteorn Run plan to stay innovative and maintain a competitive edge in the market?

A.The game industry is an industry that grows and changes rapidly every day. We are also constantly thinking about how we can make the gaming industry more enjoyable for users and grow into an ecosystem.

However, we believe that there is a limit to how far we can go by competing with each other in order to make the gaming and play-to-earn industry more exciting. We believe that greater development can be achieved by leveraging the strengths of each project. We want to be that bridge, so we have built into our roadmap that need to collaborate with a variety of partner companies. The content of the project will include the ability to borrow IP owned by companies to run in the Meteon Run game and use NFT items. Users can purchase characters of their choices and use them in their gameplay. For companies, this could lead to increase awareness of their IP and send customers from the meteon run to the company. Our goal is to build such a business model and build a platform where we can grow together, hand in hand with each other.

As time allowed, the Q&A session continued and the appeal of the Meteon Run was discussed.

For more information about this “Crypto Weekly”& AMA with Mario Nawfal, please check out this link below.