Report on GMTO’s AMA at BSC launch

Meteorn Run Official
6 min readDec 13, 2023

We held an AMA with BSClaunch upon entering into a partnership agreement on December 12, 2023.

This report summarizes the questions and answers that were asked and answered at that time.

(BSClaunch host)
Q1. We will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
I am ryoga COO at Meteorn Run project. My role is to facilitate and manage the entire project.

I work with the team to plan and design Meteorn Run project operation business development and manage our operating department.

In order to grow this project, I communicate and work daily with companies around the world in English about partnership alliances and listings etc.

I also have experience in developing websites and design and 3D design, 3D animations, so I have lead our whole team to developed websites and production of the overall project design, worked with teams to create 3D promotional movies and models.

(BSClaunch host)
Q2. What is Meteorn Run? What is your outstanding features when compared to other projects?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
Meteorn Run is the PLAY AND EARN gaming platform based on the Polygon Network of blockchain.

It is a simple and exhilarating game in which game users control a character and increase the number of coins while avoiding obstacles in front of him.

The most important aspect of our project is how simple and straightforward it is. GameFi is a revolutionary and interesting business model, but it is also true that some of GameFi projects, the design of the game is complex.

Users have given up on them because of it’s complexity.
The Web3 platform has a high barrier from a beginner’s point of view, so if the game is also more difficult, users will be more confused.

So we seek to make our games as simple and exciting as possible.

Whether you are a crypto user or a non-crypto user, whether you are a primary school student or an elderly person, you can play our game simply and easily. And you can earn extra income through games.

From the end of next year, we plan to cooperate with SONY to produce our own brand of VR glasses, so that users can experience a more perfect gaming experience in our metaverse.

(BSClaunch host)
Q3.Meteorn Run has a productive ecosystem with its P2E gaming genre, where the users will be able to make a lot of revenue. Can you explain how users can play and earn from Meteorn Run?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
Good Question!

First, you can get NFT shoes to equip your character at the NFT Marketplace. There are six different qualities, and users can choose the one they like best. Of course, the rate of return depends on quality.

Next, go to the game screen and check to see if the NFT shoes you got are reflected. Equipping this NFT shoes, control your character to avoid obstacles, and earn coins. These earned coins will be your income.

This is the approximate interest rate for NFT shoes.



RARE: 7%

EPIC: 9%



We plan to increase the interest rate in the first 6 months of the campaign.

(BSClaunch host)
What is your mission and vision? Do your project stay here for a long-term? There are many NFT games now but many of them disappear quickly within 1 month after launching.

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
Our mission is to provide users with a unique platform where they can play games and earn income.

We are not looking to end up in the meteorn run game.

We will develop simple and interesting games in accordance with Meteorn Run’s strengths and establish a gaming platform that will become an economic sphere in your daily lives.

Our vision is to deliver quality and value to the users through its robust ecosystem and in-game characters and NFT.

We do not believe that the GameFi project is solely based on NFT.

Currently, we need to ensure that users enjoy the project while securing operating revenues from various aspects of the project.

We have various mechanisms in place to keep the ecosystem strong.

(BSClaunch host)
What do you think about NFT market? Do you have any plans for NFT sales? Will Meteorn Run have the staking program for tokens & NFTs?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
I think the NFT market will continue to accelerate more and more.

The market is expected to improve with the half-life of bitcoin awaiting in 2024. Also, Various companies are also developing services using NFT technology. Our project too.

We expect the use of NFT to increase as technology improves. The NFT sales plan is well underway.

The game has not yet been officially launched, but we have already sold 250 NFTs in Japan.

By the way, our game also happens to be officially launched today, after running a test version for several months. According to the Meteorn Run NFT Marketplace, you can see that they are already selling.

Look forward to the completion of the game release in the near future and finally the worldwide launch!

(BSClaunch listener)
Very interested in your program, is there anything I need to accomplish in order to get 500 GMTO tokens?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
By completing the following three steps, you will get a chance to win 500 GMTO tokens.

1. Join our Telegram group

2. Follow our official X

3. Like + RT and Comment “ I support #GMTO “ in the top tweet.

4.Fill in this form

At the end of the AMA, we will randomly choose 100 lucky participants from those who commented.

*Please note that the comment must be “I support #GMTO”, all other comments will be invalid.

The list of lucky winners will be announced and airdropped to the lucky participants one week after the AMA ends!

(BSClaunch listener)
I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on meteorn run over the past few days, and after my research, this GameFi is very popular in Japan. Do you have any guarantees for IDO participants?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)
The difference between us and many other web3.0 projects is that our company is a profitable company. Our company’s income comes from NFF sales income, advertising income and future income from the production and sales of our own brand of VR glasses, etc.

We will use 40% of our proceeds to buy-back our tokens in the secondary market and burn them to ensure the rights and interests of our token users and participants.

(BSClaunch listener)

(BSClaunch listener)
Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name?

(Meteorn Run’s speaker)

Nice Question!
We are creating a story in the image of space.

Main character name is meteorn.
He is a thief. He tried to steal coin from the spaceship, but tripped and scattered them.

So, he run and run with the game.
See promotion video for details.

We received thousands more questions than this one, but due to time constraints we were unable to answer them, so stay tuned for updates on the official Meteorn Run social networking site.

The event was held with the above contents.
The IDO was opened shortly thereafter and continues to be held today.

More information can be found here.
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