Report on X space AMA with Satoshi Talks

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6 min readFeb 22, 2024

We held a space with” Satoshi Talks” which is a community that connects blockchain start-up with large pool of crypto enthusiasts.

This report summarizes the questions and answers that were asked and answered at that time.

we have summarized part of the space’s Q&A, but there were also other questions as well, so please check out the audio recorded space post. You can definitely learn more about Meteorn Run.


What is Meteorn Run ?

・Meteorn Run is a simple and exciting play and earn running game.

・Just swiping up down left right to control character and earn coins while avoiding obstacles that come right in front of him.

・This project is based on polygon chain. Now we provide browser version of game, and end of March we will release APP versions of MeteornRun for IOS/Android both platform.

We hope more people include non-crypt savvy users try our simple Play to Earn game MeteornRun.


Question-1: What sets Meteorn Run apart in the Play-to-Earn gaming landscape, and how do the incorporation of NFTs and the MTO token enhance its unique ecosystem for users?

Meteorn Run stands out in the Play-to-Earn gaming sector by seamlessly integrating the thriving Polygon Network, NFT collectibles, and the GMTO token. This unique combination not only enriches the gaming experience but also forms a dynamic ecosystem, enabling users to pile up substantial revenue. NFTs add a layer of exclusivity, allowing players to gather valuable assets within the game. Set against a space-themed backdrop, the gameplay encourages users to invest in successful adventures, leading to tangible earnings.

The GMTO token further builds up the ecosystem, serving as all-around digital currency. Users can utilize GMTO to acquire in-game items, participate in bets, and unlock various benefits. In essence, Meteorn Run offers

not just entertainment but a comprehensive and potentially profitable environment for players seeking enjoyment and financial gains.

Question-2: You mentioned that Meteorn Run is set on Polygon chain. Could you explain the reason of choosing Polygon and please also talk about the way users can access the game — is it available on PC, mobile devices? Do users need to invest to start playing or it is absolutely free?

Answer to Question-2:

We want to maximize returns to our users, so we don’t want to have high gas costs per transaction. That’s why we choose Plygon chain. We also believe that the Polygon blockchain is a popular chain with strong security. We use the polygon blockchain to provide security and maximum returns to our users.

For the access to our MeteornRun game, we already released web browser version, so everyone can be played on both PC and mobile. Considering usability of playing game, we recommend the mobile version as it is easier to operate: just swipe..

The app version will be available on both iOS and Android. We are planning to release apps on March 2024.

All gameplay in Meteorn Run is free. You can enjoy as a normal game.

And if you want to earn MTO token, you can purchase NFT shoes on Meteorn Run Market place. By equipping NFT shoes, users can make a profit through playing Meteorn Run game. On marketplace various grade of NFT shoes are available, and the profit rate varies depending on its grade.

Question-3: What is the distinctive mission of Meteorn Run, and how does it aim to create a space for gamers and users to earn while enjoying the game, tapping into the growing trend of Play-to-Earn Gaming?

Answer to Question-3:

Meteorn Run’s mission is to establish a distinctive platform catering gamers and offering users an opportunity to earn while immersed in gameplay. In the evolving landscape of Play-to-Earn Gaming, Meteorn Run stands out as a hub for both investors and gamers seeking financial gains during leisure. The platform unfolds diverse opportunities, including enticing in-game offers and NFT trading, enhancing the overall value of user assets. Leveraging the robust Polygon blockchain network, Meteorn Run aims to foster growth, both in terms of user base and platform capabilities, creating a dynamic space within the Play-to-Earn gaming landscape.

The mission is to provide not just entertainment but a rewarding environment “where users can enjoy gameplay and earn at the same time.”

Question 4-: What defines Meteorn Run, and how do its standout features distinguish it from other projects, especially considering its emphasis on simplicity in the Play-to-Earn gaming realm?

Answer to Question-4:

Meteorn Run, a PLAY AND EARN gaming platform on the Polygon Network blockchain, distinguishes itself through simplicity and engaging gameplay. Unlike other GameFi projects with complex designs, Meteorn Run prioritizes a straightforward user experience, eliminating barriers for both crypto and non-crypto users. The commitment to simplicity aims to create a user-friendly environment accessible across various age groups. Future plans include enhancing the gaming experience through collaborations, such as the introduction of VR glasses in partnership with SONY.

Question-5: What recent enhancements and upcoming features contribute to making Meteon Run an exciting and rewarding gaming experience, and how does the implementation of the swap function, staking period, and plans for an APP version aim to enhance user engagement?

Answer to Question-5:

In a series of recent enhancements, Meteon Run has undergone transformative updates to elevate the gaming experience. January witnessed the introduction of a revamped swap feature and a strategic staking period, designed to maximize excitement and income opportunities for players. The newly established website now facilitates direct exchanges between MTO and GMTO, streamlining accessibility to GMTO when needed.

The staking system, a key addition, rewards users with GMTO for holding MTO, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the game for those seeking enhanced income potential. As we move into February, the game introduces a pivotal component — GMTO and shoes. Shoes, integral to gameplay, experience durability reduction over time, and users can now repair them using GMTO, the in-game currency. This introduces a new dimension of strategy and income generation within the gaming ecosystem.

Expressing gratitude for the existing user base, Meteorn Run looks ahead to March with plans to launch an eagerly anticipated APP version. This strategic move anticipates a surge in global user engagement and excitement for the game, offering a seamless and immersive experience to an even broader audience. The continuous evolution and thoughtful implementation of features underscore Meteorn Run’s commitment to providing an exciting, rewarding, and engaging gaming environment for its growing community.

Question-6: Please also explain the role of your community into the gaming process? Do you collect user’s feedback and give a community a chance to impact game development?

Answer to Question-6:

Yes, of course.

We think it is so important to get feedback from our users. Based on their feedback, we will incorporate it into our development to make Meteorn Run a higher quality game and a bigger gaming platform that everyone can enjoy.

The more vibrant the community becomes, the more users Meteorn Run will reach, the more people we will meet, and the more financial opportunities we will have.

We Hope to make MeteornRun better together!

Question-7: Thank you for your answer. Let’s touch your roadmap and future plans for 2024. What should we expect from your team in the following months? Any new partnerships, game features development, marketing campaigns? Anything you would like to mention.

Answer to Question-7:

This year We will expand awareness of the Meteon Run project through participation in various events around the world. We have already decided to participate in events held in various countries.

In march we will release APP versions of Meteorn Run game.

We will strive to expand awareness of the project not only through online events via SNS and media, but also offline.The world ranking system will be developed in various categories such as the number of in-game scores and revenue. This system will provide user satisfaction and an exciting experience. There will be cash prizes for the top players.

⇩More infornation about Meteorn Run 2024 Road Map Overview below ⇩

In the end, we wrapped up with our message to the all listeners who joined the AMA space on X with Satoshi Club.

We think the GameFi model is a great one, and we believe that the best way to establish this model is through games that are simple, exhilarating, and achievable, that can be understood by men and women of all ages.

The entry point for games is a low barrier to entry for both children and adults, and we believe it is a great step forward for education to experience the web3 technology that awaits them through games and beyond.

Meteorn Run is now at the starting point. Join us on the Meteorn Run journey as we ride this great industry wave!

Hope you will enjoy Meteorn Run world together!”

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